Grads at this college earn the most—and it’s not MIT, Harvard or Stanford

Publicado em 03/10/18

CNBC published an article discussing the results of a salary comparison that site PayScale recently did. They analyzed 2,646 associate and bachelor’s degree-granting institutions throughout the U.S. in order to determine which students earned the most after graduation. When they looked at the median salaries of graduates who only had a bachelor’s degree, they found that 10 colleges produced students with sky-high salaries five and 10 years into their careers.

Surprisingly, only two Ivy League schools made the list. In fact, the number one school for salary potential is a small liberal arts college with a total undergraduate enrollment of just 844. This college is Harvey Mudd College where the early career salary is $85,600 and the mid-career salary is $157,400.

To see the 10 colleges where graduates earn the most, according to PayScale, go to this link.


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