Northwestern to Visit Band – Fun Facts!

Publicado em 05/04/17

On April 12 at 9:40am we will have Dartmouth, New York University, Northwestern, Vanderbilt and Washington University at St Louis visiting Band. This week we will post fun facts about each of the visiting colleges – one per day and in alphabetical order.

Today we will focus on Northwestern. Did you know that?

  • We just had a Band student accepted to Northwestern and there´s another Band student currently attending
  • Northwestern is home to 12 colleges and schools across 3 campuses: a 240-acre campus in Evanston, a 25-acre campus in Chicago and a third campus in Doha, Qatar
  • According to US News, Northwestern is #12 national university
  • $10.5 billion total endowment and other trust funds
  • $649.7 million annually in sponsored research
  • 100+ majors
  • Students from 75+ countries
  • Northwestern’s swim club turned into a musical. How? In the 1940s, the university’s Dolphin Club needed to raise money so they could travel to a swim competition, so they put on a musical production. Since then, it’s evolved into much more, and is now the nation’s largest student-run musical. It also has a famous alumni list, including David Schwimmer, Warren Beatty, and Tony Randall
  • Want to have the whole school know about an event? All you need is the Rock. The large rock on campus can be painted over, and is now the host of messages and events for all to see
northwestern campus
northwestern campus 2
northwestern campus 3
northwestern rock
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