High Point Univ to Visit Band – Fun Facts!

Publicado em 16/03/17

High Point University will be visiting Band on Monday, March 20 at 3:30pm in Room A12.

Did you know?

  • High Point was rated by US News as No. 1 Best Regional College in the South
  • High Point was rated by US News as No. 1 Most Innovative College in the South
  • 60 first year seminars offered for in-depth study of unique subjects
  • $275mn in donations from alumni, parents, and friends over last 10 years
  • 89 new academic, residential and student life buildings, athletic stadiums and field house
  • 100,000+ volunteer hours High Point students contribute annually in community service
  • One of the highlights of High Point is the President Nido Qubein who is very involved with students in the day-to-day. He came to the United States as a teenager with limited knowledge of English and only $50 in his pocket. His inspiring life story is one filled with adversity and abundance. More on Nido Qubein:https://www.highpoint.edu/president/ 

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