ACT: Understanding Your Scores

Publicado em 30/03/17

Several students will be taking the ACT on Saturday, April 8.

The focus now should be on preparing for the exam, but after the exam is done, you will need to understand your score.

You will receive a score report similar to the images below. In it, you will be able to view your Composite Score as well as your individual scores in each section.

Go to this link to watch a video explaining the breakdown of your score report and how to analyze it: ACT: Understanding Your Scores

Universities disclose the average ACT score of their incoming freshmen class so you can go onto the websites of the universities you want to apply to in order to see how your ACT score compares to their average acceptances. This is an example of Stanford´s disclosure on test scores: Stanford Applicant Profile

Have questions? Come talk to Olavo or Debbie to understand your scores and colleges better.

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