Idel e Olavo homenageados em Stanford

Publicado em 29/04/14

Idel Waisberg, aluno formado em 2009, graduou-se na Stanford University School of Engineering em Engenharia Elétrica e Física e recebeu o Frederick Emmons Terman Engineering Scholastic Award. Durante a cerimônia de premiação, ele escolheu homenagear o Coordenador de Língua Inglesa e Assuntos Internacionais do Band, Olavo de Amorim.


Idel  e  Prof. Olavo

“Foi muito difícil escolher apenas um professor como convidado, visto que eu tive vários excelentes e influentes professores na minha passagem pelo Band. A escolha pelo Olavo, que de uma certa forma foi representativa de toda escola, se deu porque, além de meu professor de Inglês, ele também teve um papel fundamental como mentor para minhas applications internacionais”, explicou Idel.


“Ter sido convidado pelo Idel para homenageá-lo e também ser homenageado foi uma honra e um privilégio. Nesses momentos de reencontro, o professor revê a missão que é a de criar possibilidades, abrir caminhos e ir além do que simplesmente transmissão de conhecimento”, comentou o professor Olavo, que participou da cerimônia na sede da Universidade de Stanford  na Califórnia.


Idel foi o primeiro brasileiro contemplado pelo Terman Award; recebeu este por estar entre os 5% dos melhores alunos de Engenharia.


“Sinto um orgulho intenso e muita satisfação pelo Idel ter recebido esse prêmio”, comenta o pai do aluno, Jaques Waisberg, formado em 1969 no Band. “O Bandeirantes possui uma preocupação muito parecida com as escolas dos EUA, focado na formação de cidadãos. Isto certamente favoreceu também na aprovação dele em Stanford”, completou.

Terman Award Speechs at Stanford University

“When I applied to Stanford, foreign applications were not ubiquitous in Brazil as they have become today. In fact, I grew up convinced that I would study in a Brazilian university until the end of my last year of high school, when a series of workings of destiny culminated with me coming to Stanford.

There are obviously several people from my Brazilian high school – Colegio Bandeirantes – to whom I feel indebted for this opportunity, and in a way I see Olavo as representing all those teachers I could not invite to this occasion. On another way, however, I must thank him personally as well, not only for being an outstanding English teacher – one that approached the language at an unusual, heuristic angle, and for whom language is not only a tool, but an Art and a probe to new cultures -, but more importantly for being a great mentor – without whose direct and indirect support I would most certainly not be standing here today. He dedicated a life and career to a school and its students, becoming a kind of heirloom to our school, and has in one way or another touched many students’ lives forever – including mine. I remember his wise words when my parents and I had second thoughts about my studying abroad; I remember his unshaken encouragement when I was faced with my shaken self-confidence; I remember his congratulatory words when I, still doubtful, achieved my goals. While this long journey in both time and space has been as challenging and as it has been enriching, and even though I’ve had my share of nights of homeland reminiscence and of turning over what was and what isn’t anymore, I must say that this experience- which has shaped me not only as a scientist and an engineer, but also as an artist and human being – has been ultimately very enjoyable and undoubtedly unique. And for such uniqueness, the kind of once-in-a-lifetime experience that renders the character of a man permanently and whose ramifications cannot be clearly envisioned, I must thank Olavo – his teaching, his mentorship, his trust, his transcending of a teacher’s responsibilities and courtesy into the realms of kindness and friendship.

For this remarkable positive influence, I felt it appropriate that he be my invited high school teacher today. And to the golden opportunity of having him as a teacher and mentor, I own, in great part, my conviction in hard work, my appreciation for cultures and languages, my undefiled passion for knowledge and my shy daringness to face fearsome, one-of-a-kind opportunities.

The very person I am today and the one I will become tomorrow could not and will not exist without the solid basis imprinted on me by my past, and your positive influence, Olavo, will always be there, somewhere within.

Shall it echo throughout my life.”

-Idel Waisberg

“It is easy to get lost for words when so much emotion takes over our heart.

I must confess that when I got Idel’s email inviting me to be with him here today, the first question that sprang to my mind was: What have I done to deserve such an honor?

Participating in this ceremony today at Stanford University is a matter of great honor and privilege, which I share with the Board of Directors and my colleagues at Colegio Bandeirantes far down in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Colegio Bandeirantes, which has a remarkable presence in the educational setting in the country, is a traditional secondary school considering its age – 70 this year – but modern in its proposal, rooted in solid values which have guided students throughout decades. Having dedicated professionals who deal with lively and bright kids in a nurturing environment, Bandeirantes has continuously and consistently served education with a strong sense of purpose: to foster academic mindsets and prepare qualified human beings to perform responsibly in the most diverse fields of our society.

This moment epitomizes the perfect combination of the talent of one student, his competence, his sharpness of mind, his determination, his willingness to take risks, his no sense of intimidation, his belief in himself, with an extraordinary human being – this perfectly portrays Idel, one of the awardees. Inevitable flashbacks jump to my mind right now bringing back the years Idel was with us for his high school years and the several appointments with him and his family, particularly his father, in preparation to apply to universities in the US, being Stanford his choice. And what a choice! Idel consistently ranked among the top 5% at our school as well and by all means he is a remarkable presence among our alumni, whom we take great pride in and who have significantly contributed to the improvement of our society.

Handing out such a distinguished award to Idel makes me think of the responsibility of those at stake whose mission is to a great extent to help students grow, showing them the way, opening doors that ultimately will depend on them and in this way it encourages me to keep up with my work.

I admire Idel for his impressive achievements and for the extraordinary human being he is and on behalf of my directors, colleagues, and staff, I wish him all my very best in his future endeavours.”

-José Olavo de Amorim

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