Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be – Book Recommendation!

Publicado em 19/06/18

We wanted to suggest a book that you might want to read during July vacation: WHERE YOU GO IS NOT WHO YOU’LL BE by Frank Bruni.
The book is available in Band’s library as well as on iPad/Kindle.

Back Cover Summary:
Over the last few decades, Americans have turned college admissions into a terrifying and occasionally devastating process, starting with a conviction among too many young people that their futures will be determined and their worth established by which schools say yes and which say no.
That belief is wrong. It’s cruel. And in WHERE YOU GO IS NOT WHO YOU’LL BE, Frank Bruni explains why, giving students and their parents a new perspective on this brutal, deeply flawed competition and a path out of the anxiety that it provokes. Bruni, a columnist for the New York Times, shows that the Ivy League has no monopoly on corner offices, governors’ mansions or the most prestigious academic and scientific grants. Through statistics, surveys and the stories of hugely successful people who didn’t attend the most exclusive schools, he demonstrates that many kinds of colleges – large public universities, tiny hideaways in the hinterlands – serve as ideal springboards. And he illuminates how to make the most of them.
Where you go isn’t who you’ll be. And with this widely discussed, instantly cherished manifesto, Bruni gives eloquent voice to that message as he urges greater respect for the real promise of higher education.

A few highlights from the NY Times Book Review:
Getting into a top college, even for the most accomplished high school students, has become a mad scramble. But in his sensible and sensitive book, “Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be,” Frank Bruni, a columnist for The New York Times, wants to help young people understand the urgent truth of his title. “Where we go to college will have infinitely less bearing on our fulfillment in life than so much else: the wisdom with which we choose our romantic partners; our interactions with the communities that we inhabit; our generosity toward the families we inherit and the families that we make.” That’s something we all know in retrospect but that’s hard to know in prospect for anyone caught in what Mr. Bruni calls the “college admissions mania.”

Happy reading!

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