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The Fox and the Grapes

A famished fox crept into a vineyard where ripe, luscious grapes were draped high upon arbors in a most tempting display. In his effort to win a juicy prize, the fox jumped and sprang many times but failed in all his attempts. When he finally had to admit defeat, he retreated and muttered to himself, “Well, what does it matter anyway? The grapes are sour!”

Moral of the story: It is easy to despise what you cannot get.

The Fox and the Lion

A fox had never seen a lion before, and when he finally encountered one for the first time, he was so terrified that he almost died of fright. When he met him the second time, he wass till afraid but managed to conceal his fear. When he saw him the third time, he was so emboldened that he went up to him and began having a familiar conversation with him.

Moral of the story: Familiarity breeds contempt.

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