NYU to Visit Band – Fun Facts!

Publicado em 04/04/17

On April 12 at 9:40am we will have Dartmouth, New York University, Northwestern, Vanderbilt and Washington University at St Louis visiting Band. This week we will post fun facts about each of the visiting colleges – one per day and in alphabetical order.

Today we will focus on New York University. Did you know that?

  • NYU has several Band students attending
  • 5917 is the total freshman enrollment. 58% female / 42% male. 50 US states represented in the student body
  • NYU has the highest number of international students in America. 83 countries are represented in the freshman class. 20% of the freshman class is composed of non-US citizens
  • 766 international faculty members and research scholars from 82 countries around the world
  • $30,000 average scholarship amount awarded to freshmen
  • 230+ areas of study available to undergraduates
  • 10:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 54% graduates receiving 2 or more job offers
  • 86% of graduates employed 6 months post commencementNYU campus NYU campus 3 NYU campus 2
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