Rua Estela, 268, São Paulo - SP, Brasil

Ensino Fundamental II (6.o ao 9.o ano)
Ensino Médio

Ensino Fundamental II: 13h00 às 18h30
Ensino Médio: 7h00 às 12h30


Perguntas frequentes

Atendimento Secretaria
Segunda a sexta, das 8h00 às 17h00.

Venha conhecer o Band
Visita monitorada: de segunda a sexta, das 8h00 às 18h00. Não é necessário agendar.

Tel (11) 5087 3500


Debbie & Olavo

10 Things You Don’t Know About Us

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10 Things You Don’t Know About Olavo & Debbie: 1. Favorite Food. Olavo: Pasta. Debbie: Cheeseburger & fries. 2. Favorite Vacation Spot. Olavo: New York. Debbie: Bora Bora. 3. Family Life. Olavo: Married for 41 years; has 2 daughters and 1 son. Debbie: Married for 4 years; has 1 son. 4. Favorite Movie. Olavo: The…
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Value Of Community Service In College Admissions

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Forbes recently published an article entitled: New Survey Shows Value Of Community Service In College Admissions. Some highlights include: 58% of college admissions personnel said they agreed that, “A student’s community service experience has a positive impact on his or her acceptance to our higher education institution.” Only 16% disagreed. Most admissions leaders (53%) also said community…
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How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation for College

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Letters of recommendation from teachers, school counselors and other sources can help college admissions officers get a more complete picture of applicants. Obtaining high-quality letters of recommendation usually can’t happen overnight – it’s a process that takes time and advance planning. Here’s everything high school students need to know about asking for letters of recommendation…
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confused sign

Why Applying to College Is So Confusing

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Worth reading an article by the NY Times explaining why applying to colleges in the US can be so confusing. Colleges themselves have widely diverging views on what makes an ideal applicant. It’s a widespread misconception that applicants have an automatic right to be admitted to the school of their choice if they have higher…
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